Work work!!

I'm just waiting for my eyes to ignore the world and succumb into the dreaming zone when I thought of writing this entry so I could post it the next morning, this morning. It's been days since my last update huh? Eventhough last week was kinda week without things to do. Not because I didn't want to, but I couldn't.

The system was having maintenance and upgrading leaving most of us staring on the screen blankly.So, this week is gonna be pretty busy to cover back last week's disturbance. That's y this entry making more and more sense to be wrote tonight. I had a nice weekend with the extra friday off as person who works in the federal area.

Bila nak siap itu kereta?sy mahu pegi smyg jumaat maaa

Owkh..dah siap??Wan HayaTi ku yg dimakeup

I spent my friday at Shell Autoserv for my car's maintenance. Saturday with my sis and my old pal. Haven't met him since more than one and a half year. We met at seksyen 16 after Cembam and I had had a short visit to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam. The 4 season room is having the winter season now. The temperature was -7. And It's kinda cool though to at least knowing how snow feels like. It's chilling!! It's Snow!!

Juih (my old pal) hasn't changed a bit. Well, just couple of centimetres of his waist i think..hehe..Her wife seems so healthy and his daughter, goshh..expressionless just like his father. She just had had a hair shave. The hair grows back kinda funny, it's ultraman look-a-like. With a glance, U'll surely guess she's a boy...

Lihat?? Mana ada reaksi muka

Gadis kecil yg tak berekspressi walaupun dilambung ke udara

Sunday - again, the intention of swimming and improving my skill was just garbaged. my bum felt so heavy and there's no joy of wanting to go there. Maybe because I dont have any company to go there with. I fetched Cembam and had had a short errands, buying postcards as a teaching aid, rabbit cage and a warm feeling of wanting to have an arowana fish as a pet. Might buy 1 next month. MIGHT...this word is so resultless..hehe..

Nampak tak makhluk halus di sebalik daun itteww?

sy cuba jd photographer

Well then, that's some boring nagging...see ya guys..Ja neee!! Oh..btw!! So unlucky when U woke up in the morning and decided to kick-off from home earlier so you could arrive at the office earlier to do more things, but instead of coming earlier...something thwarted the great plan and you ended up coming late as usual..hmmm...

My front tyre was flat!! It's a tubeless tyre. An apek offered his service to insert a tube in it because the tubeless tyre stayed flat even after u pumped in some air. He was gonna charge me Rm20 for that but I say Naaaahhhh coz I know there's a workshop nearby. It ended up that it just need some air, and there's no punctured hole to be found. So, no money wasted for that!!

Arriving at the office, the basemenet parking was so dark. And the lift weren't working. You can guess the next thing I did. Yup!! Climbed the stairs till the ninth floor..Hmm..a nice way to start ur monday. It helps me getting rid the monday blues though!!