Utih Jali .. aiyaaa..come on la Malay drama

A quick update from Restoran Amer..hehe..I just finished waiting for my speedometer to be repaired at Cembam's uncle's workshop. Cost me Rm15. I bought the meter cable for Rm25 at the auto parts shop..so, in total Rm 40 to fix it. Almost 50% cheaper compare with the price I've recce - Rm65. Moral of the story, waiting the right time with the right action is way better judgement to be chosen.

Last night, I've dreamt of some other of my friends. It has been 4 consecutive days I've dreamt of my friends from the primary school, secondary school, college and other I've met in my life. But I'm gonna tell bout my dreams in the next entry..hehe..suprise sket..I need to draw something I saw in my dream first to be published..hehe

I was going to write bout the malay drama that I watched last night - Utih Jali. Well, after I finished playing my common game, I went up upstairs and asked for my OSIM a.k.a Pagoh (my high-determined-jogger..remember?) to stomped on my back..ahaha!! Very nice....Crick Crack..Oh, to add..Pagoh weight is around 80++ kg. Hehehe..

That is when I watched this drama about a guy..I dunno the beginning of the story, but he was chased by a group of people..maybe Along. 2 guys..middle aged, one of them was a stutter were looking for him which has changed his name from Zaki to Jali. Jali lived with his 'uncle' whom mistakenly acknowledged him as Jali because the resemblance on their faces. Jali helped his 'uncle' in a farming fresh water fishes..and made it to the press and the TVs.

Then this 2 guys who were looking for him knew his whereabouts and managed to find him with the help of a son of a richest guy in the village..so skema looking guy. They kidnapped Jali's niece and nephew in order to lure him. During the fight he got shot..Ok..the stupid thing bout it was;

He just get shot but the headman asked him to wait and rested him leaning on the tree while he took care of the villains. OK!! WHY DIDN'T THE HEADMAN CALLED THE AMBULANCE..HELLO!!!HE JUST GOT SHOT ON HIS BELLY DUDE!!!. YOU CAN'T EXPECT HIM TO WAIT LIKE IT JUST A WOUND FROM A SLASH OF A KNIFE!!!. Then the police came and were bringing him to the petrol car for his statement. AGAIN!!! WHY THE AMBULANCE STILL DIDN'T COME?!!! AND Y THE POLICE DIDN'T HURRIEDLY BROUGHT HIM TO THE HOSPITAL.

His uncle then asked the policemen to not bringing him to petrol station first. They helped him walking towards their home..HELLO!!!!! HE WAS SHOT!! COMPLETE BAKKA DIRECTOR!!!. Then the story ended when they met the real Jali on their way back home. "EH..SAMA LA MUKA"....THE END.

Bodo amat,...please la..drama director...try to think it logically la..kang tak tonton kata tak support drama or citer melayu...bak kata saya..bodoh tu simpan la diri sendiri jgn bgtu org lain kita bodoh..ni pi tunjuk hang direktor bodoh banget apasal..ahahaha!!! bakka!!

Till then jaa Nee....