simple weekend..simple hapdet

Monday comes again with a trackback of an abandoned and ignored 'life' while you spent your off-days and weekends. You started to realize back that something is left unfinished when u started your holidays earlier. Our minds start tickling on how to execute and finished it within the timeline. And as usual, we are back in our routine working life...=p.

How's your weekends everyone? Such a long one huh? Plus you don't have to apply for any additional leave on top of that with your AL because it's already long enough for everyone to kick-off to your hometown. But yeah, some of you might had to work that days.

It's just a simple one for me. Having my time at home with my mom, dad with his 'aren't u ashame your friends with lower salary have already married' and my other siblings. God dad!! It's not that I dont wanna get married though!! I need money for that and hopefully I don't have to use yours...=p.

Mom was playing the Sally's Salon game while being booed by us as of her slow decision of the game.

"alaaa abang ni..tau la mak tak reti main. Benci la"

Abah and again his its-so-easy thinking. "Game aje..cuba kerja btul2..dapat anta luar negara..naik gaji..amik exam..bla bla..kawin..bla bla..tak malu ke..bla bla" He thought all those games cost me money ka?aiyaaaaa...

Owhh..he thinks it's really that easy..sepak kang abah aku ni..ahahaha!! ampun..taknak derhaka..haha. My mom just replied " I dont feel ashamed. I feel proud because my son tries to earn more money so he doesn't have to burden us when the time has come"..

Caya la mak..I love u..ehehe!!

p/s : sis..ur mom has already got her glasses..fuuhh..BONIA tuuu