Nothing to do is aweeee some

This brilliant week has come to the end..I meant, office days yah. Most of us have already planned something this weekend. That includes me. I keep on dreaming one after another of my friends..Most of them were my schoolmates. So I decided to ask everyone of them whom I could contact to gather around this weekend, spending quality time together.

Last night I dreamt of my other schoolmates, Zaidi, Yahya and the rest which I forgot once I woke up from my sleep. I dreamt of Zaidi with his baby from his marriage with Nazpulena. Well, they both are having relationship last time I checked. Heee..It would be nice if I could meet them this weekend..But I've lost contact with Zaidi for a very longggg timeee..we were so closed back then in the primary school.

We are going to Ulu Yam this planned Sunday. Of course I'm bringing Cembam along. For the time being, those who have already confirmed attendance are 6 of them. Hopefully there would be more. The more the merrier. I thought this weekend is the most appropriate time because most of us would head home next weekend for the election. But 3 of our friends couldn't make it this Sunday coz their going back to hometown and attending wedding ceremonies.

No problem. At least the ones who couldn't make it are not the one I dreamt of. Hehehe!! We hope a bit of nature, cool crystal water flowing freely on you, chirping birds, eating together and a bit fatigue after that would be a very nice weekend to be spent together..yeahhhh!!!

p/s : I really hope I own a piece of Canon Eos or any DSLR camera to shoot pictures while we were there....huwaaaaaa