Let's blog first to start the day...yeaa~~~

I just came in...I've just checked things to be done for today..and found out that I've already halfway towards completion. And some other things still need to wait for the transport of the new changed program. Therefore, blogging in the early morning of your day is not a sin...eheheh!!

I wanna share something I learn from a book that I read currently. I was thinking to write and share bout it in my other blog. But looking at my very very low daily hit of the blog..i bet that other blog will get a negative visit..ahaha!! So, I guess I'll share it with you here.

Principle number 1 : Take 100% responsibility of your life.

We always grunting...sighing or complaining. We pissed when someone do something which affecting you in a bad way. We sometimes or always blame other people around us when something is not right. SOmetimes it's true that they are the one to be blamed, but from their own side, you are the right one to be blamed based on their own reasons.

We can't always say 'I didn't get the post just because he is my senior. He's not that good anyway' or 'U need to shoulder-patting the higher management to get noticed before u get the chance to be trusted with big project'. From one side of thinking, maybe it is true. But to achieve your life success, YOU are the only one responsible to make it true.

Stop making excuses!! Rather than just making excuses, just try to find out the lack in you, your weakness and things you can improved. I always say 'be happy with your job!!! Find the fun in your job'. Even if you are a cleaner, or a typist, tester?..ehemm..there's a way to make your work as fun as it could. At least as fun so you not gonna complaining bout it everytime you reached your home.

There must be a reason why you can't achieve anything u want in your life yet. Sometimes it's best for you, but that is a different issue about 'what the god has planned for you'. Everything needs efforts. So, start taking 100% of responsibility of your falling or your success!! Stop making excuses but fin a way to improve your weakness and to improve your strength!! And as a muslim..pray a lot. HE likes it when we always come to him for any issue, even if u want to make the best curry when your in-law is coming.


Those words are my own words..I may not delivering it as enthusiastic as the original writer. But, hey..i said, I want to share things I've learnt..not things I've read and copy. So that's what I have in my thick skull after reading it.

I'm watching Avatar - the last airbender now. It's nice. It's different than the japanese anime for sure. But this cartoon seems to have it's own attraction..Hehehe..join me. I believe Avatar can save the worldddd...ehehehe~~~~~

Till then, Jaa Neeee....