I don't know u guys...but I couldn't log into blogspot since this morning. Was I the only one having the connection problem? I doubt cengkerang is blocking the site though, coz it doesn't bring them any harm if their staffs are blogging..ahaha!!

I'm surfing from Amir restaurant Bangi. I'm supposed to join my other housemates playing futsal, but this evening I played all out with my I kinda feel tired right now to chase the ball and try to score..I decided to fetch my car from Cembam and wait here, trying to update my Avira antivirus which seems to be a failure attempt and found out the blogspot is up!! That explains the update..=p.

I realize that I have a nice air with my project manager..uhuh..I hope that smiles, giggles and nice tone would be the same when it is interpreted into a lines of sentences and reviewing my performance as a so called team lead..nahhh..a post which u can't really brag about it. It's the same function as a mere macai laaa!!

How bout the principle I shared?? I'm not really sure how many of you read my low-rated blog..(uhuks) but I hope those who read it will get inspired to change something in their life by doing things I've learnt and shared here..seriously works!! Many testimonial from a great businessman, sportsman, bestselling author shared their experience in implementing these principle and achieved the successful life.

I'll share the 2nd principle this monday..try to grasp the first one first..kikiiii..till then..Jaa Neee!!! Have a nice weekend..