Huu..let's write something before the works coming after you...

I watched a movie last night - The Rise. Starring Lucy Liu. This film is rated 'U' during the showing time in the cinema which raised an issue bout it. It's true that the movie contains so many scenes which exposing Lucy Liu's naked body. Hence, the 'U' classification is inappropriate for this kind of movie.

Worst thing, this movie about dracula, vampires, isn't worth watching. There's no action like 'the blade' or other dracula movies. A very slow story line and the quote from a column writer of a malaysian paper saying that the movie is just exploiting lucy liu's body is damn true. From 5 stars, I could barely give 1 for it. Wasting my hard disk space though..

After finished with that, I walked upstairs and joined my housemates..err.actually my housemates joined me watching a korean film at TV3 - My beautiful Missie. It's about gangster group which needs a new leader. When the elders nominated one of the best leader Do Xi, so many people against it because Do Xi has a very low education level. To fit the position, he was sent to the high school to obtain a certificate..ahaha!!

Just imagine, a very great gangster leader being whacked on his head by the school gangsters, even being told to sing for them. He couldn't fight back to keep his secret. Hahaha!! Damn funny.

I received an ang pau from my caunselor yesterday. Hehehe..not much but I really appreciate it. She's such a nice person. May prosperity always upon her..hehe..GOng Xi!!

Oh ya..anyone knows someone who wants to sell his/her Canon Eos? Kindly notify me..I'm really interested on it..