Another week before the next salary

Additional Project assigned

Another financial path to be choosen

Another chocolate received

Hmmm...wonderful!! Just wonderful. Today started with a very funny incident. I left my bike here at the office because yesterday we had had a Dinner and Learn session, conference with the Netherlands Consultants and analysts. We had a great dinner before the meeting, Pizza hut, crispy chicken wings and a mushroom soup..hehe!!

So I thought it was better to hop on Ayman's car and have a ride with him home. We could chat all way long. This morning he fetched me up. Ayman was thinking of using the Putrajaya - KL link and enter it from Bukit Jalil. There is an exit to bukit Jalil if you drive from KL. So, technically there should be an entrance as well right? I thought Ayman has used it before.

But apparently he had not. He just use the entrance towards Putrajaya!!! Ahahaha!! a plan to get to the office earlier seems to take much longer than usual. So there we were, enjoying the empty scenery towards Putrajaya - no U-turn of course. We just took the Plus Highway after that..Hahaha!!

The gods came by early this week..I think on Monday and giving us 'the prosperity' in form of red ang pau contains 1.20 euro dolars worth of chocolate..ehehe!!

I'm blogging now..(I need a break ok). While eating the nuts and the kuaci, oh..the Mamee, the chipsmore and the potato chips...ahaha!! It's all for free except the self-bought mamee. I was thinking to share the 2nd principle of getting and achieving ur life-goal, but I don't remember what is the 2nd principle..ahaha!! Later I guess...

See the nuts and the chipsmore? The mamee hehe..and the potato chips (not showed) in the drawer..hehe

Last but not least..this is my housemate..single, funny and looking for a single girl with a teaching career..ehehe!! He just bought his new jogging shoes, new short to get the mood of achieving his goal - getting tougher before May comes. Just wish him luck and hopefully he would be able to burn 2 kilos of his weight (don't expect too much - way of happy living). Till then..Jaa Neee!!!