The 2nd principle

>> Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still waiting....

Still trying to believing...

Still saving and saving...

I'm listening to the song 'Umi' from I-don't-her-name and Hadad Alwi. Peacefully beseeching through the thin air of the night while my other housemates have already succumbed in a silent sleep filled with their own dreams.

I realize that I'm so lazy to read english material anymore. I mean..a real one like novels, readers digest or other magazines. I do read manga everyday, but surely that doesn't count. So, forgive me if I keep on using a simple sentences and u felt like reading a 12 year-old english homework. I'll try my best to empower, enhance, improve, any words with the same meaning as to put my skill into another level..=p.

Alright, I'm gonna share with you the 2nd principe on how to get from where you Are to where u want to Be...

2nd principle : Be Clear Why You Are Here.

As a muslim, we were created to serve Him, following what have been told by our beloved prophet SAW and doing good deeds and live peacefully bringing the word Islam to be known to the entire world as a symbol of peace, love and for everyone. Thus, 1 great effort to achieve something in this temporary world, make it 1 effort to achieve His bless as well.

What is the 'Why' behind everything you do - U need a purpose, a goal, objective of doing something. Ur parents might put a great hope on you since you were a child to become a doctor? minister? engineer? But you have watched so many film where the actor felt so miserable by doing what have been told by someone else.

Do things u love. Job u love. Living in this era, we definitely understang that we seldom work in a line of our favourite things. But if u think u wanna stay on ur job for quite some time, start looking for a goal, a motive of doing your job. Try to love any minute thing of your work.

Your inner guidance system is your joy - Things that bring you the greatest joy are in alignment with your purpose. U need to stay on ur purpose or improving it to create another purpose which will benefit u greatly. Again, if you are doing things not because u love it, but u have to so u could get your paycheck every month...hmm..u know the words.."enjoy your life and your job even it's just a minute fragment".

So??? Get your ass up and start thinking of a purpose, goal of your life. Visualize it as it has already happening. Trigger your sub-conscious mind to get it (i'll explain it more detail in the next principle). I'M SO HAPPY WITH MY 23K SLARY EVERY MONTH!!! Your sub-conscious mind will always running and trying to make it a reality...

To tell you the truth, I've always picturing myself in an office, talking and discussing with foreigners. Now, I really am doing it. Even when I was working as a CSR at stre@myx, I still believe and imagining that I would be the place I am here I am. I'm imagining a higher position right now..let's my sub-conscious mind doing it's job and me with my purpose...=]


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