Waiting for the salary

Arins0 3rd flyback has been held at Royal Club Whateverr at Taman Tasik Perdana last friday. The night shift machaies have been told to work mornig shift for that day and the working hours have been shortened to 7 hours, which allowed us to kicked off from the office around 5p.m to drive there.

As the name suggest. It is a place where guys who wears black coat, with neckties and the madam with It-must-be-expensive attires with Prada handbags on their hands. Walking towards the venue, we watched in a glance some of them playing tennis and a lonely guy swimming alone.

Many of Arins0nians were already there when we arrived. Looking at most of them holding glasses of beverage, I knew there should be drinks in the house. I grabbed one glass of coke and started to 'make friends' with the others. There were so many new faces which none of us have recognized. Arins0 has hired 178 people for the past 6 months..wohooo..Most of them are from ABIT university.

The presentations were a bit boring. Too much figures, numbers and less gaining-attention-speech. The newcomers were introduced one by one. While they introduced themselves, we treated ourselves with the coffee, the puddings and the fruits served at the side of the hall. Very nice, but made me went to clear my bladder every 15 minutes..=p.

Everyone received an envelope at the end of the day. I mean the one whom supposed to get their anniversary increement. It was an official letter stating your increement and congrats U. So now, everyone are waiting nervously for their new figure salary and of course the two months increement due. Wuhuuuu!!! Everyone has planned so many things to be purchased. Me? The moment the salary banked in, I might use more than half of it for my normal expenses, the car needs maintenance, the traffic summons need to be paid and lots more..

But alhamdulillah, the new salary will help me a lot through the trudge of my journey to become someone..=]


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