Tag from Lindosh

It's been a while since I did my last tag and I don't even remember whose tag was the last one...Hehehe!! Kinda cool though doing this tag while U are wanting to write something different than stories about what u did, what u experienced..bla bla bla...

Hence, here I am answering a.k.a layan tag from Lindosh. Now, the first tag is the picture of things in ur bag??? Ok, definitely I don't own a handbag. I just have a regular school bag whish is self-converted to a laptopbag ; In term of usage only not the physical appearance =p.

There are just, stick-a-note which I got for free, my beloved Pilot G-Tec C4 needle point pen, highlighters also got for free, my RSA key and receipts for claim. I always put my hands-free in the bag if in case I need to listen to the music in my handphone. That's all..No fancy face scrub, or eye liner..ehehe..lipstick? Dont even mention it..hehehe..

Owkh..Cembam lost her only-3-months-cost-me-a-fortune handphone days ago. She thinks it slipped and dropped somehow when she asked her friend to put her handphone and her purse in the dashboard. The last thing she knew, only her purse was inside it. Her friend was so busy with her things and the phone call, so I guess it really was a slipping incident. A guy called her the next day using her own number saying that he found the sim card on the stairs. Cembam asked him to post it to her which who knows how many days it would take to be received.

She cried a bit when she thought about it. Huuu..sian cembam. I asked her not to think bout it anymore coz the handphone will not come into her dream and tell her who have kidnapped it or precisely said, found it..Dah bukan rezeki la tu..Thanks god there's no sexual video ever recorded..ahahaha!!!
Huhu..the tag about the question and the song, I answer it later ya lindosh..remind me if I forgot..kikikiii...till then..Jaa Neeeee