the story

Hmm...Darn!! My workstation here has a limited access privilege to plug in USB drive for any transfering. Therefore, I tried some other PCs to transfer some files, including my writing bout the vacation but the effort seems to be meaningless. Hence, I think I need to write it back from scratch today...sigh...

Ok, where do I need to start. First of all, I'm not cheating on my work okeyyy..I'm waiting for my SAP system access back for the new 2008 from the support group coz I can't do anything without the access to the a soldier with only a bullet but no me, I'm not la la

My leave started on Raya Haji. It's a bit different because one of the elders passed away the night before. So, the atmosphere was a bit sulky. Eventhough he wasn't my relative, but I always feel extremely sad when someone I know even by name left us to meet HIM. The raya prayer was earlier than usual to pay respect for the arwah.

I didn't manage to perform the raya prayer this year..ahaha!! Too occupied eating the cooking from Mom and sis and really confident that the raya prayer would start like usual, I ended up hearing 'samiAllahu li man hamidah' right after I walked out from my house. I said to dad that the prayer has already started. I ran hurriedly but it's already the 2nd rakaat and I just realized I didn't take my ablution yet. Hahaha!!! So, that's the first time I missed my Raya prayer.

After the prayer everyone went to the arwah's house to pray for him. I didn't follow the crowd till the graveyard coz I was feeling so sleepy due to lack of sleep the day before. We didnt even giving our hands during the Qurban. All of us were so tired.

The original plan for the vacation was to visit our aunt at Kota Bharu and headed to Kuala Lipis for our cousin's wedding. But due to all the news about the flood, the landslide, we were hesitating a bit to continue with the plan. My uncle from Malacca dropped by that day and that's when abah started to suggest us to visit uncle's house and have a trip there.

So, we complied with abah's request and went there after my brother arrived at Sabak.