Off day filled with activities

Hye everyone!! How's your off-day?? Ok, that question applies only to those who got off yesterday. To those who was working yesterday..bhasyaaa!!! The company needs you to do your job far more important than saving the cheerleader..Hahaha!!
Before I started my nagging bout my off-day activity, here the pic of my sis' engagement taken place on 22nd of December last year if I'm not mistaken. I didn't manage to come eventhough I felt so honoured being invited to the very grand-almost-like-a-wedding-except-w.out-pelamin ceremony.

And my sis doesn't even bother to send me any pics at all..=[. So kijam. And I just managed to sneak a peek some of them from Farah Y blog..To get a revenge, here I post one of the pic..ahahaha!! I dont even care about the confidentiality, copyright law or whatever...ahaha!! Afterall, u are my sis aren't U..Hahahaha!!

glamer abih itu harii...ada mcm kareena kapoor pakai tudung tak?haaaa...anyway, congrats and I just take a happy lift (tumpang hepi) for you..May Allah bless and makes your journey towards the marriage with a bliss and cheerful wonderful moments around you.

Ok, yesterday I managed to drag my lazy bum to bukit Jalil for a swimming session. Yup, alone..I went there and try to improve the way I swim. I even asked some of my friends who had had a proper swimming class during their, recruitment or any related events which result on their swimming class.

After the shower and I was heading home, I got a message from my friend asking if I wanna join them for bowling. Huh, eventhough my pocket kinda bleeding at the moment, I couldn't turn down a moment with my friends, not talking about girls and our girlfriend's problem and just laugh hardly and try to knock down the pins which I haven't done for a while now..

I notified them that I'm In, back to home, change to a proper shirt and went to IOI with them. My friend who is one of the staff booked the lane for us. Cheaper rate and it was a lot of fun. Not that I managed to score a very high marks, but it really was happening and a lot of fun. Right after finished our game, we continued our normal takraw game that evening.

Left Pic : Lan Botak, Am and Along
Right Pic : Boy, Along, Am, Acoi and Lan Cicakman
(Setan2 BK6)
There goes my fun off-day filled with activity rather than woke up at 2 p.m, went out for lunch and playing game and watching movie till the end of the day like the usual off-day..Hahahaha!! It's truly meaningful this time..yieehahaaaaaa!!!!