huwaaaa...Of all my resolutions for this year, either masihi's or hijr's...One of them is 'stay awake after subuh prayer'. But I think I'm gonna give up this one. I can't resist the temptation of the nice nap right after my 2nd salam on the last subuh's rakaat. A short pray and then the pillow and the thin slice of my TOTO seems to be calling me beseechingly to lay on them and have a short nice dream before going to temptingggg!!!

So yet again, I failed to fulfill the resolution today. But I started to wake up around 8-8.15a.m. I might can't resist to sleep after subuh, but I can still try to shorten the time I sleep right? shorter and shorter and I might realize one day that I don't even need a nap after subuh??Right?right?? Ok..I think I stick with this plan. It's not totally a breach of resolution is not it? Just improvising the way to face the obstacle and slowly reach and fulfill the resolution..hehe..


I just cut my hair. Flat top style. But this time, the barber seems to armied it a bit. My head is now looks the same like the recruited commando..ehehe..I think U can't tell whether the army is my brother or me...Naaahhh..Of course u can tell the difference by our body. My bro's is well built by the training he endures. Jealousssss..

I dreamt of one of my friend last night. She was free-hair in the dream. I was suprised and asked her what is going on till she changed like that. She answered me that she's feeling miserable. I started to sooth her with my words, but then everything was blur. Last time I checked bout seeing my friends in my dream, they were in kinda difficult situation. I tried to buzz her, but she's not online..maybe I should text her.

Another dream was about my old colleague. I lost contact of him months ago. I even texted him few times but there wasn't any replies from him. Then I dreamt of him. In the dream, I saw him at a stall having his cendol when I asked him, "Hey..I thought U are already dead...Seems u are still breathing. Where have u been?"

2 days after that, I got a call from an unknown number and it was him. I answered it with the exact line I was answering him in the dream...Hmmm..unbelievable?Believe it..till then..Jaa Neeee.