Friday. leave isn't approved

The alarm went on and ringing continuously trying to wake me up this very morning. The eyes still firmly shut ebschewing my body to get up from the comforter and greet the early morning. Cembam asked me to drive her to the college this morning. I kept on saying that it's gonna be quite impossible because she needs to be there at 8a.m which makes me sacrifice my deep sleep to wake up 6.30a.m so by 7a.m, I would've already on the way to fetch her up.

But she kept on asking and asking me to drive her there. Therefore, I asked to wait me at Serdang station rather than having me driving to her apartment at Bangi and kick off from there. It will consume more time and at the end she might late for her class. So, it's kinda fair isn't it? She went to the station and I cut the journey by half. Hmm..I'm so clever..ikikikii..

But the best part is, I arrived at the office at 8.30a.m this morning. Half an hour early but the whole area where I sit was damn vacant. We start at 9a.m..I mean that's the earliest we would come. Most of us will come around 9.30a.m. So, coming at 8.30??That's fantabulously early..

I kinda pissed actually. I've submit my leave application via email to my Project manager, my new project manager who is replacing the real one who is waiting for her due of her first child. I ask for friday/today's leave. But till now, there's no email reply from my P.M. THat explains why I'm working today. I don't really mind if the leave is not approved, but just tell me so by replying the email. The truth is, I really hope it will be approved because I'm not busy at all for the time being..nothing can be done! So y not approved it before the day when I would be extremely busy and for sure she will not allow me on leave at all?!! Right? right??!!

Hmm...I wonder what I'm going to do this weekend. I keep thinking of swimming for tomorrow. It's such a long time since my last self-taught swimming lesson at Bukit Jalil. Since the road which cuts the distance from my house to Bukit Jalil to 3/4 was closed, the intention of going swimming always thwarted by the fact that I need to ride my bike 14km more than I should if the road operates back. But, now the road is operating back, I should continue my swimming session. Hehehe.. are some of the pics taken when I went on a quality trip with Cembam and my friends. It was just at Teluk Kemang, near Port Dickson. But the time spent is far more important than the place right? We do have a great time..eventhough Cembam just kayaking with me for 10 minutes (she's so afraid) which was not even half of the time she promised me, but still ok lorrr...

Wawa and her temptig t-shirt...emmmm...I'm welcomed???hehe

Wawa and her newly bought hat, but not from teluk kemang itself. She purchased it from bukit bendera


Till then, see U in the next entry..same time same channel..ahahaha!! Enjoy your weekends..Jaa Neeee!!!