The first week of a new year

Hmm..It's already friday and here comes the weekend..yihuuu!! Well, honestly nothing much can be done for these past 3 days. The system still won't let me in leaving me no option except applying for a leave next friday, surfing and e.t.c..eehehe!!

Oh, let's continue about my long leave. On Saturday after Raya Haji, we went to our uncle's house in Malacca. 3 speeding cars along the new Guthrie Highway. Abah seems to be so exuberant and jubilant by having his suggestion accepted. We arrived there around 12 midnite.

The next day, we went to Tanjung Bidara for a hot dip in the salt water. Abah bought a pair of short and rent a big tube. It's damn funny. He rolled the tube towards the beach and ran like a small kid just being released by his parent. The tube rolled and hit one of the visitor. Ahaha..but it didn't do any was just a rubber ok..but damn embarrassing. My uncle covered his face with his palms and said, "that's so not my brother in-law..ahahaha!!!".

Abah caught a fever right after the sun-bathing..ahahaha!! Sronok sangat..hambek kauuuu!!! So that night when we went to the hot pool, he didn't tag along. The hot pools were so different for everyone of them. Some were so hot and some just nice. I prefer the hottest one. I could feel my lungs expanding and I felt so relieved dipping my whole body in it.

On Sunday, we went home and planning to attend our cousin's wedding on Monday evening after my sis' school meeting..Huu...I managed to send my car to the workshop asking them to fix my rear bumper. The pin holder of the bumper is broken so the bumper seems to be lowering bit by bit.

Hmmm..that's another part of it. pictures available...Jaa Neeee