Cousin's wedding...What a...

Monday and it's bluesss..Huuuuu...

Hmmm..during my long leave, right after we arrived home from Malacca, the next day just after my sis finished her school meeting, we went to Kuala Lipis for my cousin's wedding. We were joined by my auntie's family. So, there were 2 cars. One was my sis' with my sis, mom, my bro, my dad and I and another car which is my aunt's where my youngest sis was dumped in..hahaha!!

It was the first wedding for my Wak Sar (my uncle). His 21 year-old son was the one married. He is the 2nd child in the family. Surely it's kinda too young and too early for him plus the no-job-yet situation. But they said he's gonna be an officer at I-forgot-what department..government if I'm not mistaken, so we pray he would get a grip and lead his newly wed wife smoothly.

Merewang skit kat pusat kegiatan penduduk felda a.k.a tempat masak2

But it's kinda trouble when U only have Rm700 to have a wedding ceremony and it's your dad's money, not yours. Wak Sar already asked for our generosity to help him financially. My sis transferred some money. I didn't manage to coz, I hadn't have my salary yet at that time. It's not about trying to show we were helping him and try to look good, but just wanna share how desperate it could be if out of blue U went to your father and said, "dad, i want to marry her.." when U don't even have a job..I mean a real job. It will make ur family a bit suffering...Hmmm..

The Bride and the groom

When we reached there that night, the fellow neighbourhood were busy preparing the dishes all those things. Luckily Wak Sar lives in a Felda. U can have the neighbourhood center as the place to gejubus or cook..for free, just book it earlier. And he managed to get the Community Hall for the day for free as a token of appreciation from the neighbours as the Imam at his place. So, the budget for place to cook and have a wedding ceremony is checked.

But the cooking place is 500m from the hall. Luckily the felda also provides a bus for the ceremony. So all the dishes were loaded in the bus and had a safe trip to the hall. But the not-so-great thing was when my cousin arrived, the best men were nowhere to be found. My mom and my auntie voluntarily being the best men.

Penat memandu..kita rehat makan budakk..hahaha

The photographer was not even an issue. Luckily I bought along my Olympus film camera. I bought 2 rolls of films and started being the photographer. Ok..I mean, that's the only camera for that very day...I couldn't check whether the pics were nice or not..I just snapped and snapped as best as I could and finished both of the rolls, gave it to them and went home.

My cousin's friends were nowhere to be found, so there was no shoot-with-friends moment for them. So pity of him. I just hope he will live happily ever after and manage to trudge along the blizzards of challenge along his marriage....