THe conflict of direction

How's your weekend everyone. Guess everyone of you have something to say haven't you? Well, before I bloghopping to yours, I'll share mine to be read first if you don't mind =p.

I just had a simple weekend with Cembam mostly. Who else? Like I would say if i hung out with other chick in here to expose my stripe..ahahaha!! I was hoping to continue my self-learn swimming class at Bukit Jalil, but Pagoh had to standby at his office because of his job. So I was planning to go there with Cembam but had to change the plan coz Cembam wanted to retrieve her mobile number which supposed to be posted back by the guy who claimed had found it and called her sis' number to tell her bout it.

We headed towards Mid Valley that afternoon. We agreed to watch a movie. It has been a while since our last beowulf we watched together that night. There were few great movies I'd really like to watch. Gabriel, Rambo, In the name of the king, Alien vs Predator, Alvin and the Chipmunks and lots more. To make the decision making easier, I looked at the time of showing and only Alien vs Predator seems to fit the time.

The movie was great but not as expected though. I was expecting the clash of the predators and the aliens, some killing, fighting, gun firing and those advanced technologies. All of the expectations were kinda met, but the only not-up-to-expectation thing was because this time, only one predator took the action to hunt the running wild aliens. So it's more fitting if u put it Aliens vs Predator.

I've forgot one big thing when we parked at the parking lot. I didn't take note the parking area's number. But fortunately, Cembam seems to remember and take note the number.

"It's A50, P2"
"Are you sure Cembam? Coz u are sucks when it comes to direction"
"eeeeiiii..." (pinching-pinching)

So after we paid the ticket, we looked for A50. Cembam said, even if she's wrong, it would be A50 or A51. So we looked for my car around A50 and A51 area but it was no where to be found.

"Are you really sure Wa?". I started cursing and getting pissed.
"You look somewhere else, text or call me if you find it", I leaved her and moved to other area.

I decided to search the whole A section and after a minute and with the clue : Stripe steel bar and pink section (A), I found it. Guess where? A59!! Hahahaha..So cembam la..I called her bout it and she hurriedly came to us.

"I really can't rely on you if I messed or screwed up can I?. A50 huh? Cit.Ahahahaha!!!"
" least I remember it was A"
"Yaaa...but u really confident it was A50..Ahahhahaha..U are so sucks in direction"

It makes me remember another incident. After we had a dip at Telok Kemang, we were looking for a mosque. That's when Cembam said that she saw on on the left side of the main road heading towards the highway. I signalled my friends to the nearest pump station. The fuel was low, so I didn't wanna take chance for an empty tank.

"Hey it's on that direction..the mosque"
"Yaaa..I know Cembam. But if U are wrong, I just don't want us stranded coz of empty tank"
"I'm sure la!! Orang cakap tak caya...(you don't believe me huh?)", with a seposen look.
"It's not that I dont trust U..hehe (grinning)"

So after that we went towards the mosque by her direction. It was just a straight big road leading to the highway. My friend called me from the other car saying that it's just a highway we gonna reach, and he had a glimpse of a mosque near the Telok Kemang exit. And it was true!! So I started to laugh so hard and mimicking Cembam with her "Orang cakap tak caya!!". I got pinched and pinched, but I just laughed and laughed so hard.

See....bukan tak percaya..tapi mmg takleh caya..ahahahaha!!!