Busy monday - no blues bebeh

>> Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm totally screwed up!! This is the first day for my project manager coming to the office as my project manager for my very project. She has already set a meeting with me weeks ago on 9.30a.m but instead showing up fully prepared to brief her about what I am doing...I came at 10a.m!!!! I on the computer and went to the pantry to fetch a drink and there she was sitting with my other friends. When I entered the pantry everyone like 'Haaaaaaaaa' while my PM tapping her wrist watch.

I just managed to slowly asked, "when is our meeting exactly?".

There goes my first impression to the managerrrr...huwaaaaa...Hope she's not gonna fix in her head about me coming late and started to think bad things about me..huhu!! Kids..don't try this at the office.

Anyway, we managed to sit and discuss about things going on with the project and she seems to be OK..well, I mean from outside. I can't tell what she was thinking can I?? But seriously when she was around, the busynessss just swoop by like the wind of chilling moment. I just found out that there are too many things to be done. But after I inhaled deeply and relax my head out..Naaahhh..nothing to be afraid of. Just the reminder thingy seems to be a bit tideous.

Okay, I'm off for now..Actually I was planning to write about something else during the weekend, but I think, it might be told tomorow...Jaa Neeeee


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