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>> Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I'm back!! Back to work..back to blog and ready to face a new challenges coming towards me for this whole new year!! Happy new year everyone for both Masihi new year and Hijrah new year which is just 8 days ahead.

Too many things I've done during my long leave. Unfortunately, all my writings about it are in my laptop and I dont have any USB drive to transfer it and publish it here. Just wait for them a bit yeah..well, that's if you care to read it..

I'm tanned a bit I think coz my colleague straight away implied it when I reached his place this very morning. Yaaa..I went to Teluk Kemang 2 days ago. Kinda spend a quality time with Cembam, accompanied by my other friends.

Well then, Not gonna spoil the rest of the story about the vacation..Jaa Nee~~ and happy working back to all of you!! Bhasyaaa!!


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