2nd tag from Lindosh

Oh yeahh.. I think it's interesting to do lindosh's tag. Eventhough I'm not that heavy music listener and sometimes or should i say most of the time I'll start listen to a song after everyone have already listen to it the past 6 months..ahahaha!!! I'm the type of homosapiens who listen to a song for sooo long when the song is sooo nice to my ears..then dh borin skit, I'll listen to the other...haaaa...

Ok, let's start ;

1) What Does Your Mom Say When She Yelled At You
-My oh My (Aqua)

2) Your Dad Pokes You In The Head, What Does He Say To You?
-Yaa Siiinnnn (Syed Al-Ghamidi) - suh baca yasin..takpun yasin atas lantai tak prasan.

3) Your Best Friend Punches You In The Arm, What Does He/She Say?
-Berdua lebih baik (Acha sepatriasa)

4) You Crush Bumps Into You At School, What Does He/She Say? (mcm tk btul je ayat soalan ni)
-smack that (Akon)

5) Your Worst Enemy Walks Up To You What Does He/She Say?
-Salut (spider) ; takut kat aku la kata kan..ahaha

6) You Are Walking Down The Street At Night When Stranger comes to U What Does He/She Say
-My happy ending - Avril lavigne ; yela..jumpa kita nk rompak, hepi la dia dpt mangsa

7) You See Your Pet, What Do You Say To Him/Her?
-Mabuk (spider) ; kucin adik aku terkam cermin..tak ke mabuk

8) Your Favorite Teacher Comes Up To You, What Does He/She Say?
-Because of you (kelly clarkson) ; sambungan dia, because of u we win the national..wahahaha

What Song Do You Play When You Are...

9) Happy - sume yg dlm h.set aku

10) Sad - My mother (Yi) ; ingat mak kan

11) Depressed - Breakaway (kelly clarkson)

12) In love - Way back into love (hugh grant n Haley Bennett)

13) Missing someone - I miss u like crazy (N-sync)

14) Bad day - of course You Had a Bad Day (sapa ntah..tak ingat)

15) Trying to go sleep - As sajadah

16) Really really hyper - Girlfriend (Avril lavigne)

What Song Was Being Played When You Were...

17) Having ur first birthday - Allah selamatkan kamu (saloma kot)

18) Getting out with your first bf/gf - breakaway (kelly clarkson) ; sbb dh broke up.hahaha

19) Getting proposed to - Choke, spank me, pull my hair (lagu sapa ntah aku dgr keta ijad)

20) Getting married - I wanna be the very best (pokemon OST)

21) When You/Wife Having Your First Kid - Kerna Dia (yassin)

Yaa..selesai sudah..sila2 tgok ye..mari2...jujur amat ni..