U can be my umbrella ella coz I don't bring minee

I'm still at the office guys..It's still raining outside and so dark I barely see the green trees outside during my eye-treatment sightseeing moment. So, I take this chance to update my blog. sorry for not leaving any comment to all of you - blogs I've always left comments. For now, I just manage to leave comment to those who leave at mine. Kinda rude if I don't..=p

I'm writing while listening to the yaadein song..hehe!! The best part working back in shell is the access to ebutuoy..hence I copied all the songs I want..kiki!!


I want to tell u guys something actually. U know what?!! I dreamt of having a baby..my baby, of course I'm not the one giving birth of her. Yaaa.. a girl. In that dream, I even stand next to my 'wife' and hold her hand. I could feel her inhumane grip on my wrist, bearing the pain of it.

I even washed the baby, but the worst part, I didn't manage to say 'thanks' to my 'wife'. I wanted to, but this time I couldn't control my dream. I just follow and enjoy what the dreams had for me. Then I brought my daughter to the playground when she suddenly had to poopoo. Before I managed to reach any toilet nearby, she did it.

I need to washed her. I walked around finding any place to clean her and ended up at one of the mosque. While I clean her in the sink she even swam inside of it. My heart felt...I dunno how to describe it. What a nice dream I had.

Tp cembam marah tu when I told her bout my dream. Dia jeles sbb wife tu bukan dia..ahaha!! Nasib dia tau dia jeles tak tentu pasal..kakaka!! But takpe cembam, now I know u really want to marry me..ahaha!! malunyaaaaaa..... So, i don't have to kneel before u with a rose to propose huh? Coz definitely I know ur answer is Yes!! Ahahahaha!! Jgn mara tau...

Ok..mau redah ujan..babaiiii..anak nangis kat umah.ahahaha!!