A new responsibility

Whoii..Sejuk Banget!!!!

I think my hands gonna get frostbite at the end of the day. My Allah, it's bloody cold in here. The sound of the air cond machine blowing all over the office could be heard from just above my head. I had to do a very desperate thing like taking a cup of ot water and pour it on my hand at the sink!! Waaa...cold..someone hug me..ahaha!!!

I'm back at Cengkerang to replace AyahMan. Need to get grasp every inches of things that Ayahman have done for the past month and carrying a bigger responsibility this time. It worried me for now..just afraid I can't meet the expectation from all the person involved in this project.

The best thing is, my new place is right in the middle of a new definition of Bermuda Triangle I sit next to Niz@ - my PM, Kak T!e - my other PM and Karen - mY counselor..Niceee!! Now I wont be able to freely surfing my other extra curricular sites..huwa huwa!!

Hopefully I can carry the responsibility that comes along with this post as best as I could and get a really outstanding review which I deserve. Well, that's if I've done a fantabulous job and I really feel I did one. We still waiting nervously our next paycheck where the figure should be differs due to salary increement or salary adjustment. Really hope they acknowledge my hard effort during my last project.

I'm watching Full House for now. The dvd has been with me for almost a year but yet I haven't watch it. The fact that my DVD player can't really read those DVDs makes it worse. Few more movies need to be watched after I finished the Full HOuse serie..hehe!! Till then, have a nice weekend everybody!!