My time?

Arghh..what the fcuk I'm going to write today? Let see??? Owkh..ya..something about my dream

I've had a dream nights ago when I was at my hometown. I've been visited by a guy whom I know, but he's already passed away. He came to me and shake my hand. Then I said to him,

"Hey aren't you dead?Are U his ghost..or is it ur spirit?"

I read the whole fatihah in my dream and when I finished the last line, he smiled at me and let go my hand and vanished right before me. Unlike other ghost dream or nightmare where U would suddenly awake, sweating and instighfaring..I just normally woke up but strangely don't even remember who the guy was.

I can remember every detail of my dream in a normal situation. But this one..I can't remember who he is till now. Mom said, if the guy just smile, without any conversation either buy me or him, my time might be just around the corner..huiissshhh..I've done so many sins..I'm not ready to die yet...huwaaaa!!!

Mom said, the guy came to me might be because he needs someone to send him al-fatihah. It always happen. I guess I stick to the 2nd thought. However if suddenly U all heard about my death, do accept my apology for anything I've done wrong, talked wrong or wrote wrong..please let me get the best discount from HIM for my punishment yaa...(ishyy..I wanna cry~~)