The last day before my long break!!

Yeaa!! I'm gonna have a long break starting tomorrow untill 1st of January..Nicee.. But apart of the holiday mood, no worries..I still manage to do my job and finish anything I could so the bundle of the workloads after my leaves ended would not be a pile of chased-by-development works..ehehe!!!

Last night we had our normal night game but unfortunately, we didn't really have extra players. It was sufficed enough but it's kinda tiring because I need to play continuously due to lack of killers available. Hence, it wasn't a nice game because I need to preserve my energy for another game after another..=p

We had a late supper after the game. But we were lucky because one of our friends arrived from a fishing pond with a handful of shrimp? or lobster? I don't know how to differentiate it. But one of it can be considereg big u know..Here are the pics. We played around with it for a while before stuffing it into our stomach..hehe..

Isn't he cuteeeeee... Anyway, we still eat it. Precisely speaking, my friend eat it. He grabbed it quickly after the plate full of the fried-lobster was serverd before us.

Last week, the onehe4lth team went for a team lunch at Delicious. This is the thing i love about meal!! I ordered a 'spicy crab with roasted tomato linguini' without even knowing that it was just a type of pasta..ahaha..and also 'Death by iced chocolate' drink..Haaa..nice huh it's name. The taste also superbly wonderful. But my pasta was prepared so late, I've alreafy half-full eating my friend's meal..hehe

DEATH by iced chocolate..hurmm..nyummyyy..RM10.90. Sumpah tak beli kalu duit sendiri

My late Spicy crab with roasted tomatoes linguini. Tp rasa dia..macam mee goreng cabai lebey..tahuuu..tak tipuu

Ayman's order : SERIOUSLY delicious cheeseburger. serius bebeh..nama menu tu mmg camni

Iklan skit..kena bg aku upah tau management delicious

Remember I mentioned about going to my cousin's wedding kenduri? Gila grand..well, anak Dato'. Itu baru Dato' yg humble. So big..the menu were, masak lemak nangka muda, sambal belacan, ayam tak berapa nk best (cam mentah) and a cup ice cream with a cup SUMI..nyum nyum. I managed to Pau my uncle a lot more of the sumi..hehe..I love sumiii..sedappp..

SUmi2 yg bertahan hny sejam lamanya sebelum pupus di jamah..ehehehe

Ok guys!! This is my last entry for this year..Really nice to blog here since the beginning og this year till now with 165 posts. Looking forward to share u more about life around me..Take care and have a nice holiday everyone!!!