How does she know that U love her~~~


Just back from my hometown. A short break I could say but a very useless one..ahahaha!! Why? Because I was just sleeping most of the time and watched korean drama 'My Girl' which I copied for Cembam. Apparently the main heroine's character catches my fancy and I started to watch it till the last episode which ended last night. Ju Yoo Rin character is a very nice idea from the script writer. It makes me laughed and giggled alone while watching it.

My family also had had a busy weekend with gejubus (rewang) at 2 places and numbers of kenduris (events) need to be attended. I didn't really interested to attend all of it, just dropped by at 2 of them which are our relatives' . Before I kicked off towards KL, I treated my family a light before-dinner meals and got my usual cheek kisses from my mom before left.

Back in the office, some of my colleagues aren't here, either on leave or already assigned to projects at Shell. Suddenly I was thinking of watching movie with some of my colleagues whom currently in the same boat of OTB as me..Hehehe!! The evil plan was brought to fruition by two of my other colleagues. One of them has already watched it, but still care to come along..niceeee. We planned to watch the Enchanted. Cembam and I were planning to watch it together but since she's not here and if I were to wait her, the movie might not anymore I guess, sorry ah Cembam...ehehe!!

We finished laughing, giggling and almost burst out our stomach around 2p.m and headed back to the office. Skipped my lunch and here I am blogging while eating the weetameal cookies provided by the company..nga ha ha ha!!

Still waiting for my leave approval..why does it take so long~~~~~~