Home and the situation

I took a leave on friday solely because of my sis. She had to attend the IJM reunion event around Taman Jaya which ended around 1 p.m. If I was working that day, I'd finish at 6p.m. Means, my sis needs to wait for me for about 5 hours before I came and pick her up. Hence, as a considerate big brother, I took a leave on that day so we could drive home after friday prayer. The original plan was to fetch her at Kelana jaya LRT station. But due to the heavy rain, she couldn't even get a cab or walked to the Taman Jaya station.

I asked her to just wait at IJM and I'd drive my way there. About 3 p.m, I fetched her up and drove our way. We stopped at Kuala Selangor to treat ourself and headed home after that. When we reached home, the first news my mom told me was about the numbers of breaking and entering activities in the neighbourhood. Some of the neighbours have already been the victims. Some loss their valuable things and their money and some were lucky coz they managed to text/call someone for help before the burglars managed to break in.

around 11p.m while I was playing my regular DOTA game, I heard a slow voice of salam outside the door. I slowly opened the door and cautiously looked outside. My neighbours stood before me with a torchlight and a steel bar which you could easily recognize as a weapon the way he hold it.

"Anyone doing anything outside just now, near the cars?"
"Emm..nope, wait..I'll get my mom and ask her"

I looked for my mom and dad and asked her if any of us have been outside a while ago.

"I did..but around half an hour ago", mom said

"I saw 2 guys, wearing black. One of them stood near the window and another one stood next to the car", my neighbour explained what he saw while pointing towards my dad's car. The other neighbour started to walk himself home.

"Yaa..my car door. I wrecked it while reversing my car. U can fix it?", my dad suddenly came into the conversation without even understand the situation and what we were talking about.

"Hishhh..abah. We are discussing bout a possible burglar attempt, yet you talk about something else", mom kinda pissed

It's not his fault. My dad can't really hear what people said. His ears are completely damaged innerly. He can only understand what we say by reading our lips movement. So, we need to explain to him clearly bout what have happened.

"Haaa!! Really!! Let's secure the area". He leaded the way towards the backyard with the neighbour's torchlight and came back with a wet trousers.

"Haha..I felt into the small parit (what it is in english pls)". Abah came out of the dark from the backyard with his wet trousers, and his 10 cent face.

So abah laa. Then he changed to a new trousers. The sentry formed by a group of the neighbourhood's blokes arrived and started to secure thoroughly the area. One of them smelt the cigarette's smoke.

"I smell SURIA cigarette". They secured all over the place and after confirmed they weren't there anymore, they leaved our house and started to secure others' areas.

That night, I couldn't sleep really well. I just afraid they are the type which assault first before asking us to give our valuables. If they just break in and take the valuables and only assault us if necessary (we give up a fight), I would still be so relieved and grateful. But the problem is if their modus operandi is "assault first then we can easily take the valuables". Now that really is dangerous.

Huu.....(sigh). Hope my family will always protected by Him..Amiiinnn