Thanks to Yatiee

I arrived home yesterday and didn't play like usual due to the after-rain mood. When I was lying on my TOTO watching the next movie, my housemate came in and threw me a parcel. I was suprised to see it because I didn't expect anything from anyone. I look at the handwriting but didn't manage to match it with any of my friends' handwriting stored in my serebrum..kiki..

I opened it carefully and realized that the stamp is Malaysia's. When I opened it, straight away I could see a cap with 'DUBAI' on it and a shawl labelled 'silk'..or something like that. I can't really recall it now. When I opened the card;

"Congratulation card ; Congrats for being able to receive my humble gift..Yatieee"

Waa..!!!! Thanks Yatie!! I really didn't expect it. It's true that I did give her my address when I commented on her blog the other day. But seriously I didn't expect u really would send me a souvenir. Thanks again Yatieee...hehe..Haaa..the rest, don't ever think to ask her sending it to u..ahaha!!! sian la dia..kakaka!!

So Yatie..this is my pose wearing the souvenir u bought for me..again..thankssss!! MMuahhh mmuahhh. Ko mmg memuah!! Yiehaaaa