Really blurr~~

I really want to type something but apparently my mind blocked any creative idea to be interpreted in a form of readable contents to be shared with u guys... I woke up last night after having a funny dream. On the TOTO, while still not fully awake, my mind was already planning to share it here. After a grin to myself , I continue my sleep and when I arrived at the office this morning, everything went, colourful and kapuff..everything wiped out about the dream from my head..Haha!!

I didn't get the leave I requested yesterday due to the project request. I need to take 6 days of leaves because if I don't, it will just went wasted due to the fact that I have 14 days of leave more and can only carry forward 8 of them..huhu..I need to work on this upcoming Deepavali day..means I would be entitled for a replacement leave.. an effort of finishing my ought-to-be-taken leaves, I got another leave!! Haha..nice. Owkh, I watched Deja Vu and The Inside Man last night. Both of them are very nice. Go grab ur torrent and watch it. Ok then, Finally I typed something did I. Have a nice weekend everyone..