A not so great weekend

Weekend just passed like what it has always been told and scheduled to do. Monday blues started to play it's roll and bringing it's laziness fever to everyone especially those like me who doesn't have anything to do while seated on the bench waiting for upcoming project and also my leave application approval which yet to be reviewed by my project manager.


The futsal which being planned for weeks before raya ended up with a really bad outcome. We only have 11 players to begin with and only 9 of them came. Kah Hong and Nizad were absent. Shoot!! We don't have enough player, even after 15 minutes past 11, the 9 of us still waiting for the last person to complete the teams and still kicking the balls everywhere in the net like idiots!!

We ended up playing with 9 players and seriously if you asked me, I'd say that was the most awful, ridiculous game I've ever had. WTF. Even with exact 10 people, 5 per side will make U drained to finish an hour game due to no one to swap, just imagine how it was with 9 people. Shite!! I asked to leave at 12 noon coz that's what the plan supposed to be, start at 11 and end at 12. BUt the rest just decided to continue to play. I need to attend the wedding course alrite.

The wedding course was pretty funny and I didn't really realize the time passed by. It depends on the preacher/speaker. The first speaker was an ustaz whom continuously appearing in the TV for EHwal Islam. He really is a good speaker and we didn't even feel bored listening to his class. For the 2nd day, Cembam wanted it to be postponed because she thought of accompanying her sis to KLIA that day. I asked her to do it herself, ask the organizer whether it can be done or not. Well. I want her to learn to do something about it, not just wanting something but doing nothing. So, she took care of it instead of me as usual..but still I ask something to the organizer for a clear information.

I thought of swimming on sunday, but a lack of motivation to do so caused by nonexistence of any companion with the same interest, the intention just thwarted by the continuous awoke-and-sleep-again. I went to juscoo and bought some corns, french fries, maggie stock (emergency lifespan supply) and a pack of mamee snack.

4 tongkol jagung and a plate-full of french fries + vico drink..hehe

And that's what I call, Bachelor Weekend..hehehe..