Movie more and more

It's 4.31 in the evening when I was typing this entry. It was raining this morning , really fit my sleeping mode on this very sunday sunshine..emm..not that sun-shining when it was just raining hours ago wasn't it. I just finished watching heroes and Prison Break episode 5-8. Damn!! Both of them are so compelling with irresistably nice plot.

I wasn't planning to do anything this evening since the last text from Cembam saying we would go out for couple of hours and drop her home at 9 p.m for her unmissed Juara Lagu. Chait!! She was just awake from her nap and asked me where I was since she agreed to hang out after asar.

Hahaha~~. What did she expect? I've already drive there when I didn't even get her last message saying 'ok..alamanda then?'. Ceehhh..even after 2 hours ahead of planning for the date, I still ended up waiting for her outside of her apartment, next to the guard post? Hahaha!!

That's not gonna happen..kaka!! She just rang me minutes ago with her just-awake tone..Just imagine how long I need to wait her done if I've already kicked-off like the original plan...


Ok, just came back from my date. Cembam was late 45 minutes for the Juara Lagu..ahaha!! Padan muka cembam. Arrived home, I straight away ON the laptop and continue with 'The Contract'.'s about a group og assasins. One of them involved in an accident with a total stranger and ended up in a hospital carrying his gun. Police arrested him but he managed to escape during the transfer (well, only 'prison break' doing the escape directly from the jail..the rest of the movies, it always during the transfer..don't they?).

And during the struggling escape, the main bad guy (morgan freeman) bumped into a son and a dad who were planning for fishing. As a responsible American (Uhuk!!), the guy tried to bring the bad guy back to the police, so they were chased by the bad buy's friends.

MORAL OF THE STORY : If u really think u could manage to bring down 3 professional assasins as a teacher with an experience handling gun during ur secondary school curricular activity, u may try to bring the bad guy to the police. If not, take the chance by just let them walk away..=p

And, just finished watching 'Fever Pitch', starred by Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. A story about a 30 year-old lady without love, a very successful one in term of career and a guy, a teacher who really a big, no enormous fan of Red Fox (baseball team). They have a relationship, the gal try to cope with the guy's craziness of baseball but couldn't bare with it at certain point. THey broke up for a while before the guy realized that a passion, is a passion..but he needs to differentiate between the passion and his life so one of them might not succumbed and plunged into a hole of failure...

MORAL OF THE STORY : Whatever job u have now..just remember u have another half of the day, or less as somebody else. A father, a soccer player, a, don't mix up things..=].

Ahahaha..I continue the movie marathon with a Korean Movie - Please teach me english..Hehehe..damn funny. As a malaysian, especially malay people with their arabic language, our tongue is so used to all kinds of pronounciation. Hence, learning any language would be a bit easier with our kind of tongue. I watched some movie and some reality shows like American next top model where the models need to learn a bit to speak japanese. And their pronouncation really is sucks!! Haha!! This movie, listening to the Korean speaking english really is damn funny..hehe.NO offend guys..the storyline makes it that way OK..