MOre MOvie

Huu~~~ Wait..I realize that I often start my blog with Huuu~~~. Ok more time..


Ok..sounds better. Enjoying your job everyone? Or just being babbled by ur boss? Pranked by ur colleague? Don't give too much damn on it..get moving and start looking for any happy particle of ur life today..At least enough to make u smiling alone while reading the online comic (ok, that's me).

Ok..floweryyyy feeelinggg~~~~ everybody!! Say it after me...feel it after me..Floowweerrryyy feeeliiinnnggg~~~~. Yeaahhh!! While typing these 3 paragraphs, I've also finished executing 4 instances..hehe..who said blogging makes ur work slow?? That comes from a lame guy with a bowl cut hair..haha!!

Last night, I watched 2 movies after managed to figure what's the problem when everytime I play the DVD borrowed from my friends and started to play any movie copied in it, it will always stuck showing a message saying that there's been a cyclic redundancy problem. In a normal ocassion, this message is implying that the DVD u were trying to play is corrupted.

But when I tried to swap my DVDRW with my friend's DVD ROM (both of them are DELL's), I managed to play all the DVDs. Meaning, mine has something wrong. Might be due to numbers of burning sessions I did with it. When U bought a DVDRW player, most likely when U burn DVDs couple of times, this shit happened.

Anyway, I managed to watch The Reekers and Silent Hills. They are old movies but I didn't watch them yet. The Reekers is about a world only imagined by someone who is on a bridge of death. They imagined things or different cause of their accident in a totally different world, kinda dream and suddenly they woke up and realized that they've just being hit by a van, not being attacked by a monster. Something like that.

Silent Hills is adapted from a video game is about a town of ghost. The name was given by the residents around it. BUt the truth behind the town is about a group of people with a self-created religion burning innocent people who was claimed to be a witch. And a once burnt lady whom barely saved by the tragic misery lured a foster mother of her daughter to avenge her misery. But the ending, I'm not really sure. She managed to get her daughter back and went home, but in kinda different world where her world, the house was empty but the other world, her husband was waiting her...Hmmm

So, another movie preview for you guys. Drag your ass to watch any movies in the cinema if u envy me. I suggest U to watch Ball Of Fury..Hahaha..I bet it would make u laugh till death..I wonder whether it could beat the best comedy movie rated by me - Benchwarmers which I've watched hundred times...=]