Monday bluess

Monday comes with a new workloads..The execution of the test begun this morning. Niiiceee~~~. A really new different thing after Electronic Health Surveillance modul which I've involved for 6 months in One Health Project. But, the truth is that this HR module is the core process for my company. Therefore, finally I managed to get into this project, the company's real nature - HR.

Struggling a bit to begin with. But I bet I can get grasp on it after today..hopefully.Hehe!!

HUh~~~~ Huh~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HUhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~'s a long break of writing. I just finished some instances of the test. Guess I can allocate some time hopping around ur blogs...and definitely post an entry for today. So how's ur weekend guys? MIne..most of it spent on sport..hehe. Managed to attend my friend's wedding day. But due to cramped place with all those relatives and friends, friends again wanting to take picture with the KingofTheDay, I didn't manage to ask the photographer to snap our picture with my very not that wauwiiieeee handphone camera. So, I'll post it here once I get it from any of the camera used to snap our pic that day.

Aaahhh..I've registered our names for the wedding course which I've tried to book this 24th and 25th November as the date. Hopefully the management can arrange that for us. Please makes it available. Cembam is going for a long school break, which means going back to her hometown. She doesn't want to attend it alone. Me? I dont really mind going to the course alone, plus I kinda shy listening to the course in the same room with her..haha!!

Other than that..nothing interesting going on except that the fact I'm broke..just RM100 left to survive till the end of the month. Don't aske why...huhu..sedey sedey..And still looking forward to fix my gear problem of my car..Those Shell Autoserv idiot seems to be not so efficient in doing their work. I kept calling them and they always say said that they would contact me back with the further detail on when I can bring my car to be fixed but the end...nothing!! Huh~~ The reason I choose them because it's near from my house. Easier to ask my housemate to do me a favor bringing me home after the car has been hospitalized...Dang it!!