Meeting the sisters

Another day of nothing to do..Which slightly makes the blog's title fits it's name. I've been reading the stories posted by a mass writers out there, each of them with their own style of writing and exceptional talent. I just giving them a review for the stories eventhough I don't think my review would count towards their pursuit of dream..=p

Last night has been a bit special due to a certain ocassion. I received a message earlier from my sis Biba saying that her semester has just ended and the semester break has just started. Due to my caring instinct (buweekkk), I decided to drive her to my other sister, Nurul. I asked cembam to accompany me so that I would have a friend to chat along the way home rather than singing loudly alone in the car.

I fetched both Cembam and Biba and drive to S.Alam, 17th Section. My sis is working part time in 7E last night so we dropped by there. We decided to have dinner together (it's the best time to kecek my money righttt). I texted Fariz who is living around there and fortunately he and Hawa were just nearby so they joined us last night.

It's a nice dinner for me. My sisters could get along nicely with Cembam. Cembam could chat a bit with them and I played the part to make the situation in such a joyful one and it worked out nicely. We separated after dinner and my sisters reminded Cembam to be careful because my hands always slip somewhere else..cilakak btoi..but they mentioned it because I make it up like I would do such things. It's a reverse phsycology u know, making them think that I would do that will makes them easier to believe that I won't. Hehehe..

But it really was a good quality of time we spent. Seems that they get along fantasticly well..well of course thanks to my skill of making-everyone-get-along. Ehehe. We also chat about "cari Menantu" 2nd season and thought that it might be a good idea to try it. Hahaha..fully sponsored wedding wooo. But to get known by this kind of cause is a really crucial thing to be thought of right? Ahahaha..segan wooo..Anyone wanna try?26-28th this month, Sri Pentas for the audition. Try your luck. If u really are couples with a very great understanding and love among others, U might nailed it guys!!

Hmm..remember the story about my awful housemate with his goblok attitude dumping his rubbish around the kitchen area. Well, after the cunning act of mine plunging all his rubbish in his very room, it seems that he knows eventually that we are so pissed about it, I am so pissed about it to be exact. There's no more rubbish in the kitchen..ahaha!! If u can't solve it the nice way, solve it the hard way..yiehaaaa!!!

Tonight, I'm going to spend time with my family. Apparently the act of driving my sis to s.alam and gathered around last night makes my dad want to come here and join it so much. So, my sister asked me to come around there again tonight and we might play bowl together. Aiyaaa..I only have Rm70 left in my wallet till the next payday..mampussss!!!