The last novel

Yess...this is my last novel which I received as a birthday present from Cembam in March. I received 5 novels and finally I've finished the last one. I could say all the novels she gave me are a feminine one if U wanna categorize it. I don't really mind the long as it's a nice novel with a 'bestseller' quote on the cover..heehehe!! I'm going to buy a new one after I finished my motivation book given by my best friend. I am looking forward to reading 'Child of Hurin'. I need to wait for the paperback edition. Right now, the hardcover edition costs me Rm90..Huisshh, that's so expensive.

I've got my leave approval from my P.M for my 3rd December leave. I'm planning to celebrate my mom's birthday (30th Nov). Originally I was planning on going back hometown during the long leave I've applied a month ago. But since the outcome of the approval seems to be so ambiguous, the 3rd Dec leave is the backup plan. She did say something about earrings the other day. Guess if on 3oth Nov, the salary still not banked in, I hope I can still buy them for Mom on monday. I'll ask mom to choose herself. I bet latest, on Monday the salary should be IN...hopefully.

I need to fix my plat number. The number 9 eventually fall-off from the the zink plat. I need to replace it asap before the white-horse fine me for that.