I'm working!! Durghhhh!!

Yaa..while most of u especially the bachelor guys are still enjoying ur soft comforter, ur nice pillows and the off-pitch snoring..I'm sitting before my laptop working during this very Deepa holiday due to the project requirements. Honestly, it's due to the project manager's request to deliver the best in this project.

The office when I arrived

The best thing bout it is there's fewer cars on the road but still the same numbers of bakka drivers, and a massive space of parking lots...No makcik nasi lemak by the Jobstreet balcony (this is not a good thing though) and a slower, more comfortable air-conditioning for me.

Ahh..right!! I also managed to D.load some episodes of One Piece anime which usually consumes around 6 hours to finish for a single file. But today, so far I've already got 4 episodes..Niiiiceeee~~~~~


Oh..It's Friday. I just managed to finish all the scripting thingy...and just waiting for other things to be done. Kinda busy but still OK lor...I'm going to my friend's wedding tomorrow at Segamat. Gonna be a very looong journey..

Tonight I'm playing takraw like usual..this evening as well if the rain doesn't feel to lurch down from the sky and tomorrow night..ya takraw again. Hahaha..full of sport huh my life? Healthy way of life.
Ok..that's all to update this very blog. Oh ya..I'm signing for the kursus kahweennn..Not because I'm so near to have a wedding..but just because the rumor saying that the cost of it would be around Rm500 next year with 5 days kinda-camp including Qiamullail..huwaaaa..caya la..That's y I'm signing in asap..haha!!

K then..Jaa Neee~~~ Enjoy ur weekend guyssss