Family..the darndest thing~~

I've wrote somthing about my dad felt so eager to come down here to meet his beloved kids and spent time with them. So, out of sudden he just said, "let's go to S.Alam and meet them". And what my sister could only say was, "emmm..u serious..err..ok" while glancing the notes in her purse and wondering the next pay day is still days to go..haha!!

Well, they arrived at noon at my sis's place and just waiting for me to reach there after maghrib prayer. The plan was to bowl at Plaza Alam Sentral. I reached there around 8 p.m and had had a frugal dinner prepared by mom earlier. Eventhough it was just a sardine dish, my empty stomach due to a skipped-lunch made it so tasty and plus, it's my mom's cooking..non others, but my mom's. So I ate happily till my first Burrppp.

At 9p.m, we went to PAS. The lanes were fully taken by the patrons and we were in the waiting list for about 20 minutes before we could bowl. The names were ;


My eldest sis' and youngest sis' names were not included. My eldest sis was so tired and didn't dare to try. Mom and my youngest sis would keep on swapping every other turn. Dad whom bowled once when I brought him to South City Plaza was so eager to bowl again. Even before his turn, he would grab the ball and try to swing the ball again and again to get the feeling comes, when it's actually his turn to bowl, he just used the wrong way..ahaha!! Might because of his crooked fingers. But he managed to spare once!! And that's all!! Ahahah!!

Dad and his spare

Mom. As that was her first time, she did enjoy the game so much. Even with the swap every other turn, she was so indulged in it. There were big laughs every now and then and we really attracted the others. Ahahaha!! Dad with his childish give-me-5 post really damn cute. Now U know where do I get this adorable attitude..ahaha!!

Mom and her first bowling experience

Dad, the only guy.

We finished bowling around 11p.m. I drove them at my sis' s place and went home, straightaway sleeping like a rock. I really hope one day if i died, they can remember this day and they would smile and say, "I miss him"..arrggghh tears gonna flood it's way.
Savor the moments u have, the time u could spend with ur family and ur beloved one guys. We neve knew when HE would call us upon HIM...