The cute, the P!g n da open house.. having this entry ready means I'm doing something out of my routine - sleeping back after subuh prayer. Going back to the main office means stay sharp on time. It's not that strict actually. It's just because I'm not really used to it I just being a good boy for a while..ahaahaha!! Plus the SOlv4y project starts today and I'm going to be partnered or supervised (just choose any) by my colleague, Yee Yee.

It's a totally new experience if u compare it with One He4lth project, but it's a core business of Ar!nso which is HR process using Personnel Admin module. Ok, enuff with this working bullshit in a monday morning with blues.

Remember I told u bout my housemate. This one housemate whom always keep his rubbish all over the kitchen instead walking half a meter outside and throw it inside the garbage bag which I put it out of the back door? Remember?

Well, he never changed. The rubbish still piled up everyday. It makes my eyes sick and really wanna grab them and smack them on his face. I've already asked him kindly to throw it away, sarcastically as well and even yelled alone about it from downstair while he and the others just listened to it from upstair. So, don't ever say I never deal it with diplomacy.

Rupa bilik sblum cleaner cute bersihkan..huhu..kotak ais n first aid kit yg aku dpt sbg cenderahati tukar miyk itam kat shell autoserv..hehe

Owkh..ini rupa stlah kemasan dibuat..Yaa..takde poster2 yg diragui menghalang malaikat masuk ke bilik ini. TP mahu ke malaikat masuk ke bilik ini??

Yesterday while he was gone to the-hell-I'd-give-a-damn-of-it, I tidy up my room which means as usual I would tidy up the kitchen as well. At least I'll sweep the floor. With an evil plan, I decided to put all his piled-up rubbish in his room. I'm not that bad! I just put it next to his bedroom door. My other housemates just smile with an agreeing signal. Pagoh said, "Jahat la Tabu..aku jahat pn tak wat camtu" and then giggled. Hellloo..I've done it the good way haven't I?

Then I went to the next door strolled by the others to attend our neighbour's open house. I was feeling antsy when I saw the sticks..yaa..sticks mean satay..yiehaa!! We shaked hands with the neighbour while Pagoh was already making his way to the food section. Haha!! Gila gherlojohs.

Pagoh yg cute dan suka menari..single dn mencari teman hidup yg berkerjaya cikgu..cepat ngorat dia..dia baru beli handphone baru tau..ari2 connect 3G kat umah..

Din dan Manap sdg asyik membedal...NI perakians ni..daerah2 lain. Yaa..kami lah budak plat A

I just ate the satays while the others had had their nasi minyk for the 2nd round. After full with the food and laughed so much when started picking Pagoh as 'bahan kutukan' (what is the most appropriate word to translate kutuk?), we asked our permission to leave. I went to summit USJ with my friend, which originally planning to bowl with another friend. Turned up, the other friend had a bit of a crisis with his GF and a weak phone battery to add up the spice. Therefore, we just played snooker for an hour and returned home.

Last night, when my shitty housemate was back from..dunno, he went upstairs, straight into his room and of course realized that his room is a bit funky with those rubbish. I could hear his steps walking downstairs and put the rubbish..Aaa aahhh..not in the garbage bag outside but at the same spot in the kitchen. Damn!! What kind of pig he is!! I've started imagining things like picking a fight with him bout it, or asking him to leave the house with a majority vote and also picturing me being stabbed by him in the middle of the night..Huuu~~~ Scarryyy dowh when u deal with bakka people.

Anyway, this morning when I woke up after my usual Cembam's call, I didn't see the rubbish anymore. Well, trust me..that will only last a minute after he bought his lunch or dinner today. We'll see bout that. I have no problem with it now. U piled it up, I put it on your room..simple and easy. Wanna mess with me, we'll see whether ur Kahrate or my Thaekwondo would win. Fuiyooo..that's to extremely thought. Scratch the last one..Haha!! How's everyone's weekend? Been great?!