balik kampung..yeaaa

I was shocked, terrified 2 nights ago. I've intended to drive my way to Rakan Muda sport complex for our night-play (sepaktakraw..what else). I warmed up the engine like usual and pushed the throttle slowly. When I reached near the first junction and tried to turn left, suddenly the engine died. DAMN!! And when I tried to start it again, the engine won't run. I was panic. It was my first time having a situation like this. But fortunately, I wasn't yet far from my home which only 2 left turns away from the crime scene..ahaha!!

I managed to start the engine back and slowly drove the car and parked it at it's usual near-the-mango-tree space. I rode my back with all these money related imagination on how it will be spent on the car againnnnn..huwaaaaaa!!!

The next morning, I tried to warm up the engine again, it suddenly dead after 10 minutes and the battery signal was ON. SO, I just thought it might caused by the battery and it was true. The battery was in a bad condition in term of function eventhough it was installed in february. So, the warranty is still valid and I need to bring it to Sabak coz my sis bought it there.

The mechanic (shell autoserv) even clean the engine for me. I asked them to fill the nitro gas into the tyres (free voucher), they also had to re-replace the driveshaft oil seal which claimed to be replaced 2 weeks ago to prevent the leaking. BUt because the leaking caused by the same part, which I've already paid for also free. SO, no money was involved during the scene there...ahahaha!! Alhamdulillahhh

It always about maintenance when I started to continue the installment of my sis's car. And unfortunately when it's in my hand, these things happened..huhu..takde rezeki btol. But as mentioned in the book I currently reading, 'always look forward to the benefits or the good plan God set 4 U after every challenge he tested U with..don't just give up'.

Well..tomorrow morning, I'm going hometown..gonna taste my mom's cooking..hehe..Jaa Neeee..minna san!!