Your ultimate fantasy?

Every one of us have our own fantasy. Regardless where and what we do..during the period of it, we occasionally swayed into our own fantasy world created by the surge of our own desire, emotions, feelings and situation. Sometimes we even fantasize during our prayer when u suddenly couldn't tell how many raka'at u have performed which ended up reperform back the prayer or just let it be by saying, "nevermind, my 'niat' was 4 raka'at regardless how many i performed"..haha..that's a quote from one of my colleague when he performed asar with 3 raka'at...

Anyway, I'm not going to talk bout a pathetic focus during ur prayer coz i'm in the same boat as u still thinking how to undividedly face HIM to make him knows that I've tried my best to serve HIM.

Fantasy, during a meeting u can spaced out suddenly and fantasize something else. Laying on the bench at the beach calmly, beating evil people who harmed innocent people, rewind back the past and try to win the state league (that was mine) and suddenly someone shrugged your hand and u just realized it's time for u to do ur presentation.

Based on a research, people should take their time to fantasize anything they like, whether murderous, enjoyful, sexual and e.t.c every 5-15 minutes a day. It's one way to relax ur mind and bring urself to your own world for a while. But just dont keep fantasizing till u might surpass Mat Jenin. Actually that's not really bad of him to fantasize things like that. It's just a fantasy. It will not do harm unless he kept on fantasizing day in day out without sweating any money.

Fantasizing makes us creative in a way. Lift-up the burden away from our chest and just freely think about anything..ANYTHINGG!! Now why not some of u tell me what is your ultimate fantasy. Share it with me..yeahhh..well as long as it's not something embarrassing to share with. Come on..tell me as short as possible and then I'll share with u my ultimate fantasy...ehehe..Just anything would do. No one can laugh about it (well, laughing coz it's funny is different than laughing as implying u as an idiot having such fantasy/dream). Come on..share it, even if u fantasize of being a boss of multi billion company and fired ur current boss...ahahahaha!!

P/S : Oh yaaa..most guys fantasize having a superpower, a lot of money and hot chicks. Emmm..right, which superhero has all that so far...Batman, affairs. Haha..but fantasy is a fantasy one has rights to hamper them.