Watching MOvie till bruised...

Huhu...The last entry about watching Muay Thai Chaiya...well..that one is a cinema movie watching. The title there??'s more about the dvd either burned one or bought one which I managed to borong from my friends. I've also copied few movies from my colleague's laptop..5 of them and just managed to watch one of it : Evan Almighty.

I just finished watching Bionic woman till episode 4. More movies waiting to be watched...with kerepek ubi (tapioca chips) and other raya cookies. If I'm not mistaken..there's about 30 movies to be watched..yiehaaa..Cembam is not gonna be around this weekend..camping trip..hence, either watching movie all day long or going back to hometown..hmmm..

Last night's Evan Almighty surely brought out sensitivity issue among malaysian especially the muslim which I recall being suggested to be banned from all the cinemas in Malaysia. It's true that it could bring a great effect to our aqidah especially those kids and someone who doesn't have a really firm foundation about islam and the story of prophet Nuh.

But for me, apart of those ridiculous plot and how easy those western give the image of their own God surely proves that their religion is not as true as they claimed to be, I did learn something from it. I could imagine how prophet Nuh being mocked, how people claimed him to be a nutcase, insane and how great the challenge he faced to execute Allah's plan. From what I remember, even his son didn't come with him at the very last moment the big flood ws rushing. Now, watching this movie makes me want to read the real Nabi Nuh story again coz I ain't remember so great bout the particular.

Another thing I like about the movie is the phrases by their God;

"If u pray to save the world, will god saves it for you or He gives u the opportunity to save it?"
"If u pray for ur family to be very closed, will He makes ur family closed or He gives u the opportunity to make ur family closed?"

This also explains how Allah grants our prayer. U can't simply get anything u pray for, out of the blue. U have to give effort. It might be granted directly (kun fa ya kun), or by the opportunity which U need to grasp..might be the next day after u pray, or maybe years after that, maybe when u alive or maybe after u died. Everything HE does, is for the best of u...

This is where people start hating their God. They said God doesn't love them by killing their son, their daughter...God doesn't love them when He makes them ill beyond any cure, give them cancer, poverty. It's all a challenge, a test He gives u to see how great we trust and we believe on Him. I'm not that great to talk about religion. But about this simple thing to be understand..hey..I can still catch up..=]

Oh is my temporarily last day being in One Health project. I'm back to the main office tomorrow, means direct internet access to my laptop. Need to update my windows and try to fix my VBS.dll bastard virus...if it can be done..hopefully. Ok then, want to have lunch to honor the days my partner, Elyani have being with us.