Sorry...semang semang!!

I didnt turn up last evening for Iftar which been incharged by Masy..Waaaa..sooooo sorrryyyyy~~~~. I was truly planning to attend it for sure. But I turned out disappointing u guys..truly apologive for it..=[.

Just the moment I was under the sky out from the office yesterday, the weather was scorching. It was around 5.30p.m (supposed to be back at 4 p.m which means a bit late). Then along the road I kept on thinking, what should I do while waiting...the price of the food, should I buy something from the cold storage first and on and on.

But the blazing sun making my mind keeps on thinking of going home, have a nice nap while waiting for iftar. My throat pleading to be quenched. (I didnt make it for my sahur that night. Less water. so less because I didnt drink much during the Iftar). Hence, with a very 50-50 mind, I went straight home. I thought, it was ok coz KLCC seems to be far from TM tower.

Then suddenly a surge of thought lurched into my head and I felt terrible. "Hey...Masy is coming from Shah Alam u bastards", my innerself sarcasing me. I tried to make a turn to move towards the city back. But at that moment, my house was just 3 kilometers away.

"Next time maybe"
"I mean time I'll surely go and hang out them!!"
"U still bastard!!"

And those terrible feeling became more and more heavy for me to bear when I received an unexpected call from Masy..Huwaaaa!!! Terribly guilty to respond to Masy that I wouldn't make it..huwaaa..sorryyy Masyyyy..

I know this is just a reason with exaggerated words..but I'm truly sorry for not coming yesterday. And I convey my apology to all who were there. I'll promise to drag my lazy ass to come to any blogger gathering after this and makes the day flowerrryyyyy...I promise =]