Raya part 1

Huu~~~. I'm back after my shorten-due-to-project leaves which unlikely sufficed enough for me to enjoy it sleeping as much as I can after exhausted eating bloatedly all those irresistable meals either cooked by our friends or by their moms =p. Having to listen to mom's babbling tone waking me up from my continuous hibernation mode is the melody of Aidilfitri from my own definition.

Cubaan menganyam 4x4 yg berkesudahan sebiji 4x3 yg kelihatan pelik (kanan) dan 4x4 yg juga pelik pucuk pangkalnya..hahaha..Tp akhirnya terrer dh 4x4. sll 3x3 je...

This year's preparation of Raya seems to be so busy and full of things to be done. The painting of the walls were most of the workloads waiting to be finished. The inner walls have been painted by my sisters which leaved me with the outer wall, the windows and the rest of it.It took me 3 days to finish all of them with some of it left untouched due to out of paint.

Haa..ada yg tengah jaga anak sambil digocoh anak2 buah lain

Just like all those years, raya days spent visiting our friends' houses as many and as far as we could afford, this year has never been different. I texted all of my friends (whom I bet will surely join the 'bara'an') and set our rally point and the houses list for the day. This year, the gang was joined with 7 cars. My god..It looks like rombongan cik kiah nak meminang!! There were some new faces and some regular faces whom couldn't make it..It's OK...family commitment..

Haaa..2 pakcik tu tengah bincang2 agama...

It was also way more happening this year. My nieces and my nephews gathered around, watching UPIN n IPIN when suddenly one of them would yell, "burung apa?!"...once in a while which will be answered in unison "BURUNG MURAIIII!!!" by the rest of them.

Makan2 yg sangat menyelerakan dan kepoh

The most famous question asked by the relatives when we visited them or visited by them would be, "Bila lagi..rumah dah besar". Hahaahaha..originally the question is for my sister, but tempias tu kene jugeeee.. I would answer it for my sis, "Waiting for our astronaut's proposal after he gets back".

Gadis2 menekan (rempit utk motor, tekan utk keta yee) yg ikut bara'an. Dari kiri, Fizah, Islah, Mas, Fareha mak buyung 5 bulan, Panca yg mengembang, Norra and Leez

At Embah's (grandma n grandpa) house, the space was crammed and crowded with their grandchildren. A tumult as strong as avalache could be heard by the neighbours miles away. Everyone with their own stuffs. Some were playing firecrackers, some milking their baby, singing the lullaby, some were discussing about sunat khutbah and sunat hari raya, some were playing with the kids, sleeping at the corner of the house...It was really KEPOH!! All 9 of my aunts and uncles were home. Fuuuhhh~~~~..seriously KEPOH!!

I just hope I could feel and savor the love every year. But yeah..everyone has their commitments, their plans, their turns and their conflicts. I still remember Raya day back then when the Takbir was replaced by a fight between my grandma and her Tanggang son. But this year, he's with us...and Alhamdulillah in a better way than before...Allah..please let the love remains preserved in every hearts of them...Amiinnn..