Portal down..let's get blogging!!

Yaaaa..!!! I bet everyone is now in town!! Even if you are a government workers who managed to get a full-week-Raya-leave should already back on your seat, facing the usual errands, the tense, the cold air-cond and the sound of the vacuum machine sucking the evil from the atmosphere..

How's everyone's weekend? Mine..was filled with the journey to seek for a branded, discountable and stylish eyewear in 4 different venues, the Pertama Complex, MInes, Sunway pyramid and the secluded from visitors,Amcorp mall. Tired with all the try-n-have-a-look sessions with about 10 salesperson. They really were helping me a lot even some of them had a tarnished-hope look after I just walked away and said, "I'll come back later".

Well, can't help it. We are the customers. We have the right to seek for the best price, best offer and the best real deal. I would start the browsing by saying to them that I was just looking and had no intention in booking or whatever..simple try n have a look. So don't blame me if they think I'm just a money-less person who just wanna have a try on the glasses and admire my ownself of how gorgeous?cute?macho I am with a glass...=p. It's their own stubborness of selling.

After all those browsing sessions. I short listed 2 outlets which I would probably come back and have a go. Pertama complex is the first choice and the 2nd one is in the Amcorp mall. The last check, the salesperson said that my power is around 125+. I'm continuously eating carrots and squeeze them right into my eyes hoping that the juice of the carrot could cure my eyes a bit at least. It's proven by my friend's lecturer who managed to reduce his power from 615 to 234. That's one great achievement isn't it?


Remember I've told u bout my grandma who keeps a white eagle? Well, it seems that she has a new collection of hers which I can't think on how she gets it..or maybe my uncle who found it..It's a white hornbill!!

Nice huh?

Is there any chance that PERHIL!TAN would barge into her yard and fined her for this? I'm not really sure. My uncle or my grandma might have found it anywhere laying helplessly on the ground starving and couldn't move. They might release him/her once it's capable to fly freely again. I kinda think it might nice to have the eagle for my own. Seeing it flying gracefully and swoop back on my arm when I called for him..cool huh??

P/S : How do u say 'power' for ur glass in english?still use 'power' ? Help me...