Pain in the ass

Once when I was staying in a flat house, 5th floor, we rented there for almost a year with originally 6 people but then one of them moved out for certain reasons. This guy's name is Botam. It's not necessary to know his real name though. THat name is a name given by the seniors during our college years. Even I have my own college name.

We moved out at the end of last year to a double storey house, with our own parking lot secured with our own gate and ocassionally the guards will do their watch-guard cartering the whole area. After a series of stolen parts from our bike and a loss of a bike to make it worst for my friend, the new neighbourhood seems to be promising.

I'm not gonna talk bout my house coz it will make it sounds like Petronas Ad. Just couple of months ago, this Botam guy decided to moved in with us back after some of our original housemates have moved out. This Botam guy..he's been so irritating since he moved in with his eccentric demeanor. He always throw his rubbish from the tapaued after-eat meal on the floor near the sink next to the kitchen utensils.

The pile of the trashes will be added more and more everyday especially this ramadhan since all the food are tapaued from the param. I've always asked him nicely and also sarcastically to throw them in the garbage plastic which I placed outside which just an open-door from the sink. But still he puts them on the floor inviting those cokcroaches, ants and other domestic insects scavenging those bloody thrashes piled up by him. There was once it was cleared by my housemate but he seems to be happy someone cleared it for him.

The one effected most is definitely me. That's because my room is next to the kitchen (my room is the only one downstairs). WTF!! Now I can see cockroaches in my room. I really intend to put all of the rubbish in his room as a symbol of unsatisfaction and irritation of his demeanor. To make it way over the limit so he could feel the pang of hatred right on his face, I could yell right in front of his face

"is this what 'tabligh' means to u?! Delivering the essence of rubbishness to everyone?!"

Since he's a tabligh person. That would be very evil of me won't it? Hey!! No offence. I used to be one of them. But they are not like him. Those words might slap him on his face to make him realize, the word tabligh needs to be essentially understand by HIM first before HE try to deliver something to US!!

Huu..I think I need to stop before my fasting becomes even slimmer today...What can u say bout this scenario????


Hnsffffffffff....Huuuuuuu..Let my inner self flowery again..floweerrrryyyyyy..flowerrryyyy