My ultimate Fantasy

Ok..some of u have already leaved comments mentioning ur fantasies. They are pretty straight forward and achievable. But's your fantasy...If you watch japanese animes, U would always come across quote like, "Everyone must have a dream. And a dream is not something to be laughed at!!". And then the battle begun...

Now..I wanna share my ultimate fantasy which repeatedly fantasized and continuously hoping it would becomes true. Hehehehe..


I was walking alone towards a place near the city using the backstreet (imagine the small path between the back of the buildings where Jacky Chan's fight took place in most of his films). While I was walking, I heard a scream..a silent scream kinda like seeking symphaty to be spared.

I started to walk towards the sound. The nearer i got to the source, the clearer the sound became. A hopeless guy crying for help while being beaten by couple of attackers (I imagine it at most 4 guys). At the end of the alley, I could see 4 people surrounding a middle-aged guy who was already lying on the ground with blood everywhere on his shirt trying to hold firmly to his briefcase.

Then I started to shout at them to leave him alone. All of them startled. 2 of them started to charge towards me (I imagined one of them was barehand and another had a log of wood with him). And with a swift flawless move, I defeated both of them leaving one of them succumbed on the ground and another one pinned under my feet. (Fuuuhh terrer banget).

Looking at 2 of their accomplices handled easily by me, another 2 charged me at the same time with more dangerous weapon (ok, I didn't imagine a gun alrite..coz for sure I don't stand a chance unless I fantasize of me having a superpower). With a bit difficulty, I managed to give them a nice knockout and hurriedly get to the beaten man. I called for the police and bring him to the hospital.

At the hospital, i was leaving when he grabbed hold of my hand firmly wanting me to stay and meet his only family - his wife. Couple of minutes later his wife arrived looking a bit shocked. They thanked me and started to ask me a bit bout myself. I refused the money they gave me (of course la..kalu tak, mana hebat imaginasi ini..haha). The man said actually it's not the money in the briefcase he wanted to protect back there, but a scrapbook made by his son when he was at 15 which full of his stories bout the love of his parent. Before I started to ask about his son, he already mentioned that he was dead 6-7 years ago due to cancer.

He handed me his picture which imaginatively had a very huge resemblance with my face. Then both of them smiled and said in unison, "I think god has sent us our kid back". Wahahahahahaha!! Turned out they are a multibillion couple without a successor to inherit all of their wealth. They were already decided to donate every single dime they have to the orphanage and the needy person but now, it's gonna be different since they've found me. Whahahahah!!!

The rest U could already figured it out. They met my family..asking for their permission to foster me. I learn every single thing about their business, and became their successor. The business glooming and fluorish better than ever...and I become their son (of course la my real parents still my parents..I meant aopted/fostered son ok), successor and the most successful owner of the multibillion company!!!

-the end-


Haha..that's one of my ultimate fantasy..kiki..some of u might say it's better to have all of that with your own strength and effort. But hey..I did it with my effort, just a series of events as a stepping stone to make it easier..ahaha...furthermore, it's just a fantasy..but I would gladly accept it if it becomes realll..ahahaha!!

Ok done nagging..see ya!!