Monday and it's 'bless'

Haahaha..While I was starting the entry on this digital canvas, I was just woke up from a very brief nap on my desk..doing a sick-pose while sleeping. If..just if I was caught sleeping, I could say I was having a headache no?Ehehehe..I felt terribly sleepy after the meal. Plus, I slept during my lunch that a crime?HUhu..Better than sitting on the Ogawa Massager and sleeping openly on it.HUhu..

Hmmm..done with telling u my ultimate fantasy on the last entry..yaa..I mean the one before the short hey-I'm-here-updating-it entry. Well, hopefully everyone of u have already started to imagine things, fantasizing ur future to the ultimate one. Trust me, if u ask me about fantasy..u ended up not being my friend due to the too much karut marut..hahaha!! But it's healthy for ur brain though.

But everyone can fantasize so great. It's a matter of equivalent vocabulary and how talented u are to make it readable to others. Now, that's what we called writers. Someone who can bring ur mind to the world he/she fantasized and makes the readers managed to fantasize it along with every details exactly the same..huhu.

Ok..enuff with the fantasy thingy. Well, during the weekend I managed to stuffed my stomach with a great foods from my friends' open house which happened to be around the same area. Bringing Cembam along to educate her how to make! It's to chat with someone u just knew seconds ago. Apparently she's not really good on it. Needs more exposure perhaps..ehehe..

So, it's a bit hard lorr..When u sit around the other guys and left her to sit around the other chicks..she just ate there alone.'s not her fault entirely because the other chicks just simply chatted along leaving her spaced out due to no subject alike to chat with. But in certain ocassion, my friends whom very comforting when it comes to someone who doesn't belong to our chain-of-friends..did try to make her ease but she helplessly sengih and shut her mouth up..Hmm..cembam ni..tarik pipi tu kang smpi lutut baru tau..

HUhhh~~. Just finished reading black cat manga. I'm looking some other manga to start reading it..Owkh..after a long halt of watching movie in the cinema, we watched the Thai's movie : Muay Thai Chaiya. It's about the muay thai tournament, the licensed one or just the underground one. Where people will gamble all of their money in certain extent. The story tells us about how gangster and other organization will do anything especially killing people to earn more money from the gamble. So, a part from all those kneeing and elbowing great arts..u are exposed on the livings surrounding it.

I realize that Muay Thai is now so internationally exposed making so many people want to learn it including me. BUt i've already tried to kneeing something or elbowing anything considered hard..ahaha!! I bet my kneecap will dislocate to the elbow if I overdid it...Plus after the accident my right shin seems to be so sensitive even with a small pressure using my nail, I can feel an urge of, I can't just hit my shin with the broomstick to imitate muay thai like i used to...pity me.