Bunch of stories

Heyaaa!! I'm full of energ....owkh..no..lapor la..haha!!

Hye there!! I just uploaded the photos from the weekend at my hometown last weekend and the most important thing today is to show u the pictures of Namnam. Hehehe!! Just look at these pictures of it. We have a namnam tree at our previous once-a-house. Due to the surrounding, the palm trees everywhere, the bushes, it's quite hard to get a nice and ripe one because the rodents or the boars might've ate them away. But luckily I managed to plucked a ripe one for my long craving for it

This is how it looks like. Macam karipap skit kan. Kelantanese call it buah katak puru. Tu dia..sian buah ni. It has been judged and named by it's cover.hehe

This is how the inside looks like. If it's ripe, the seed would be brown-black like that. But if it's not ripe, the seed would be white in colour

Yaa..this picture below is the bribe served by mom before she enslaved me that night and the next day running house chores, moving the cupboard, burned the unnecessary stuffs stored at the backyard, applying undercoat before painting the wooden and the brick walls..huhu!!

See those siput sedut. That iftar seems to be so noisy due to the sroottttinnnggg from all of us. My mom's jaw was crammed due to consequent and forced sucking...haha!!

The next day, the painting chores begun!! I need to apply the undercoat first. These pictures describe how my house looks like currently in the middle of renovation. Thanks to Kak Wa to make this happens. She spent all of her KWSP money (the one since she started working till he got government confirmation status). About 23k, then when I glanced at her receipt while I withdrawn the money for her, there's only 2k left...=[. Thank u so much Kak Wa. U have sacrificed so much for the family. I'll try to do my part onwards.

Hmmm..*wiping my tears*..infinite thanks to u again Kak Wa.

I had had my great iftar last evening with the rest of the OneHealth team mates. Our former TL which has been withdrawn by the project, opss..not because of him, but because of the project requirement. We Iftared (Iftarna) at Bangsar seafood . It was my first time ever eating a big crab (butter crab) and I felt so full, not bloated yet, but really full..There were the biggest crabs I've ever ate.

Thanks to Amer who treated us that evening. You have been a great help as a team leader, checking thing and made us updated and alerted during the days of ur service. (bodek sikit utk projek review..hahaha!!). But sorry, didn't manage to snap a pics of the dishes..=[. Btw, the butter crab is fantabulously deh-li-shioussssssss