Back to Office. is having a totally new day!!

After a while..I'm back to the main office in TH Perdana building. Seems to be totally different. I don't need to sit next to the pantry like I was used to before the renovation and extension taken place. I need to accustom with this orange cubicle. I bet anyone can tell what I was doing because I'm sitting by the aisle. See..see just now someone took a glance on me..ahahaha!! Yaaa..I'm blogging!! Got problem with that?ahaha!!poyorse je..

Yesterday was the last day for Rina as our colleague. She's my first ever partner (well, of course la because that's my only project). Alhamdulillah..the salary was IN..hence we managed to have our farewell lunch at Italianes Restaurant at the Curve. Looking at the price surely makes me berpinar2 mata..but for Elyani..anything for u..cewaahhh...jgn wat keje..hehe!!

When I first arrived at Shell office and just got her name, I could see how dedicated she is in her work. She's my sifu and I learn a lot from her. Either being a friend, a sister, a partner or a team members, we do get along so well. Might be because we stand on the same side with the same idiot head!! Well, surely feel a bit lonely though. I thought I would be spending time with her more back in this office. But apparently obvious enough, she's currently adjusting with the new company, the new culture, new people and a new day.. All the best of luck to U Elyani!!

savor the last moment on her seat. The smell of all those memories can still be sniffed anytime anywhere....

Her smile..cantiks kan (imagine w.out the brace ok). Nasib dah kawin anak dua tau..haaa..kalu tak..dh la dia suke laki muda..ahahaa!!

One Health project members. Marlena is not in the pictures. She couldn't make it to the lunch due to the transport.

Hmm..I just managed to acces the Ar!nso mailbox and found out so many important mails need to be read especially from my counselor asking me to fill in the CDP before the next friday. Huu~~ It's like a life&dead u know this CDP thingy. Hence, I need to complete my project review as soon as I can so I could get the review feedback from my TL and PM. hopefully it's a good one. Pray for me ait...

Hmm..these are some of the pictures taken yesterday..Freely visit my fotopage for other pictures. At least my fotopage is updated isn't it...hehe!!

Another thing, I would be pleased if some of U could visit here. It's a new blog written by two people who are trying to get better in writing for their own satisfaction. Give them a support..yeaahhh!!! ANd Elyani..Shhhhhhh!!! Kak Tie was asking u to give a bit of speech yesterday but U've already went home. And I've already told her bout ur husband waiting bla bla bla!!

Heard U can't online there in the new office..ihiks!!