5 days more...Day after tomorrow!! Mommaaaa

It's only 4 days to go before we all embrace the victory of ours. The overwhelming sensation of Hari Raya and the feeling of utterly crestfallen devotees whom always wanted to savor Ramadhan as long as they could. NO more bonus from HIM for every minute thing we do/did during Ramadhan. And all of us will always hope we will live long enough to welcome Ramadhan next year and grab the oppurtunity to be closed to HIM as better as we ever had.

Raya songs which filling the air everywhere we go seems to be listened by those faces who once used to be haggardly waiting the end of the fasting months. While shopping their ways through all the must-buy-things to celebrate the upcoming Hari Raya with a gleaming twinkling faces. Me, on the other hand, have not buy anything, I mean NOTHING at all. This year will be the most frugal Raya for me..=].Nevertheless, it will still be the same happy Raya as it always be.

Hmmm..I've just finished reading Harry Potter, the last chapter. What a brilliant twist of the ending. I never knew Snape was loyal to Dumbledore all the time. The rest, I bet all of HP readers would know well coz I'm one of the so-late-la readers. But I can truly feel the happiness of the ending with Harry and Ginnie, Ron and Hermione with their kids..Albus Severus..=].

I know, it's kinda shame finishing HP book rather than trying to finish the 30 juzzs of Qur'an especially during this holly Ramadhan..Well, I'm not a saint am I? But I'll try my best. If this year is too late, hopefully next year HE will grant me the longevity for me to keep on trying.

I'll be heading home for Raya probably wednesday morning. Mom keeps on asking me to come as early as I could to run the errands especially when the renovation is already completed. Walls to be painted, floor to be carpetted so on so forth. It will be the busiest Raya preparation ever. My beloved auntie will also coming from Kelantan with my sweet nieces and nephew. Guess it's gonna be a grand and gleeful Raya in spite of how frugal it might be. I've told u haven't I?Hehehe!!!

aiyaaa..why it's Aishah - Pulanglah song is playing now...Hmmm..the bed is calling. Better stop..


Aaaahhh..my codec problems are solved...yeaaaa!! No more irritating warning message "Win Explorer has encountered some shitty problem and need to restart"..Huhu..let's back to work!!